Communication Trainings


We offer a wide array of capacity-building trainings and presentations for your agency, organization or business.

Each of these can be scaled from an intensive one-on-one session to large group gatherings. Our approach uses interactive techniques to take participants out of the realm of the familiar and into a space that challenges assumptions, spurs innovative thinking and emphasizes skills acquisition that sticks. To learn more, contact us at 202/525-1945 or

Funny Enough, It Works: Improv Comedy Tools for Strategic Communications Planning

shutterstock_181338266Although improv looks to the untrained eye like an exercise in freeform, in truth making it works requires adherence to a small but strict set of rules. Using techniques such as “yes-and,” giving and taking focus, and scenebuilding without a script, participants learn to work together creatively, collaboratively and, most of all, effectively.


Storytelling Like the Boss: What a Little Bruce Springsteen Can Do for Our Writing

What’s the difference between adding words and adding details to your writing? How do you transform a pile of facts into a compelling narrative? Comparing and contrasting two tracks off of the Bruce Springsteen classic Nebraska, this hands-on session provides a new way to think about — and practice — writing as story-telling.


Owning the Fifth Estate: Organizing in a World Without Gatekeepers

The fundamental truth of modern communications is that once-bright line between content producer and content distributor … between you and your audience … has all but vanished. In a world where everyone is a communicator, what are the strategic and tactical implications for how you structure your organization, and what will happen if you don’t adapt? (Self-training.)

Message Streaming: A Better Approach to Moving Audiences

streamingLearn how to transform your message from a static structure constantly buffeted by the tides of change into an organic, enduring and persistent force for action.


Why People Hate PR People … And How They’ll Learn to Love Us

An unconventional look at why the profession is so often perceived in a negative light, and a frame for generating understanding.


Everything I Ever Needed to Know About PR I Learned from ‘King Kong’

King Kong2The classic 1930s film provides the foundation for this introduction to strategic communications planning.



An Ounce of Prevention: Learn How to Stress Test Your Reports and Plans

The time to find out how your critical strategic documents will be received by your stakeholders is not after you’ve put them out. Communications stress testing is a procedure for determining in advance whether your hard work will be groundbreaking, or just hit the ground with a thud.